Island Hopping Around the Thai Islands

Published: 02nd June 2010
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Island hopping around the Thai islands is a truly amazing experience. There are over 20 islands to explore, including: Besin Island, Chang Island, Surin Island, Ra Island, and many more. Every island is different, each has its own unique characteristics such as beaches, mountains and mangrove forests. Some are uninhabited, others are shelter for small fishing villages and their local inhabitants.

Ranong is Thailand's least populated and greenest province. More than 80% of the province is covered by rain forests; the nature is spectacular because of its breathtaking scenery: evergreen vegetation, jungles with impressive waterfalls, birds, monkeys and other rare wildlife, mangrove forests, hot springs and sandy beaches. Ranong is a small town, you can easily get around Ranong city, discover local markets, and taste the famous and delicious food of Southern Thailand. Various local restaurants and cheap hotels in Ranong are available to visit.

Koh Chang Island is one of the least developed Thai islands. It is only 1½ hours away from Ranong in the Andaman Sea. Those who want to stay away from any traffic will find Koh Chang to be the perfect hide-away. There are several nice beaches with different kinds of resorts. Most of them are still quite simplistic-which makes the experience more authentic and interesting.

Koh Chang Island's Aow Yai Bay, translated as "Big Bay," is the longest beach on Kho Chang, stretching over 3 kilometres. It is home to about 15 different-styled Kho Chang bungalows. At Aow Siad Bay and Aow Tadaeng Bay on Koh Chang Island you can choose between bungalows directly at the beach front or on the cliff side, while the beaches at the northern tip of Koh Chang are perfectly secluded. All the beaches are interconnected by foot paths for convenient exploration.

The Koh Surin archipelago is a 135 square kilometer area lying in the Andaman Sea some 53 kilometres off the mainland Ranong Province. The two main islands, Koh Surin Nua and Koh Surin Tai, are separated by a narrow strait only 200 metres wide. The 2 islands cover 19 square kilometres and 12 square kilometres, respectively. The other islands in the group are only rocky islets, sparsely covered with scrub vegetation.

So go island hopping around the Thai islands-rent a romantic yacht and make up your own island-hopping program or book one of the package programs that provide you with accommodations, boat tickets and more. You'll have the time of your life, it's an experience you will never forget.

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