London's Most Expensive Dining Experiences

Published: 13th April 2010
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If you've ever eaten at a well-known posh restaurant, then you know what it is like to pay a pretty penny for a meal. On the high-end facade of London, it is not difficult to drop £100 simply by wandering around the Old Smoke. So if you fancy what are typically considered the most valuable dishes in London, be prepared to pay a gracious amount for them.

If you happen to find yourself in Oxford Circus, you'll discover a restaurant by the name of Sketch -- The Lecture Room and Library, by chef Pierre Gagnaire. While there, you will likely be paying over £100 for dishes like the John Dory and scallops, or goose aguillette. The 'new French' style of cuisine has held its excellent reputation for several years.

World-renowned chef Gordon Ramsay also appeals to the costly pallet. This fine dining establishment offers a famous fillet of turbot with cep sauce, or a roasted loin of Highland venison. As expected, this feast of an experience will also likely leave you at least £100 less than before. Forget cheap hotels, Gordon also holds the rights to one of London's other most expensive restaurants, at the Claridge's hotel in Mayfair. Here you can take in a Casterbridge beef carpaccio with horseradish ice cream, or a cold malt chocolate fondant.

Another famously high-priced dining location is Le Gavroche, also in Mayfair. Le Gavroche is a highly-respected location, known for housing an elegant style and the offering the very best of French cuisine. For upwards of about £95 per person, you can order a foie gras with a crispy pancake of duck with cinnamon, or roasted pineapple with vanilla and rum, over white pepper ice cream for dessert.

Further down the road, of the Mayfair area, you'll find Phillip Howard and Robert Weston's The Square. Also being previously rated one of the best in London by several notable critics, you can find yourself spending also between £100 and £160 on each person dining. While there, you may order the terrine of foie gras with rhubarb and orange, and a brillat-savarin eheesecake for dessert.

So if you've got a taste for the finer things in life, a cheap hotel may be required in your next London stay. And although there are plenty of high-end shops, hotels, & fine dining experiences around town, most of these restaurants are among the finest in the world.

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